"China Connect Investment Challenge"("CCIC") aims to promote the investment knowledge in Shanghai & Hong Kong Stock Exchanges, and facilitate the initiative of the "Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect" program.

As a new tournament of the Global Investment Contest ("GIC"), CCIC has offered an exciting opportunity for talented investors to win big prizes. CCIC is supported by ACME Society, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, China Merchants Securities and Starsinvest.

  • Practice Session: 11/17/2014 to 12/31/2014

  • Preliminary Round: 1/5/2014 to 4/30/2015

  • Qualifying Round: 6/2015 to 9/2015

  • Final Round: Estimated the 4th Quarter of 2015

  • Practice Session: (Virtual Trading)

    The Practice Session is for practice only and Register/Register/Trade officially selected 50 stocks (25 Shanghai Stock Exchange and 25 HK Stock Exchange from the list of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect). All records of the Session will be cleared off and will NOT be counted in the official contest.
  • Preliminary Round: (Virtual Trading)

    Official Contest starts and registration is Free. At the end of the preliminary round, top 100 players can submit applications to Judging Committee within 15 days after the preliminary round ends. The application should cover investment strategy, risk control and performance analysis. The Judging Committee will vote and elect no more than 10 contestants to the next level and become seeded contestants.
  • Qualifying Round:(Live Trading)

    Up to total HKD 500,000 capital will be provided to the seeded contestants, based on the situations of the qualified candidates. At the end of the Qualifying Round, top 6 contestants in terms of the portfolio returns will be qualified to become the Finalists.
  • Final Round: (Presentations)

    Finalists will present the investment performance and strategy to the Judging Committee, and the Committee will vote to elect the Champion, Runner Up and Award of Merits.

CMS Express:

The clients of the China Merchants Securities with their accounts open to the "Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect" can use real account performance in the Preliminary Round. Relevant certificates and brokerage statements might be needed.


The champion is entitled the investment return of the HKD 500,000 capital for 90 days and awarded up to HKD 100,000. Other Finalists will be entitled the investment return of a portion of the total capital of HKD 500,000 for 60 days and entitled the awarded up to HKD 50,000. All contestants can join the lucky draw of winning a Gold color iPhone 6, and a book of author signed "The Oracle & Omaha".

  • All contestants must follow the investment professional ethics and code of conduct. More details please check the relevant rules on the web sites of CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission) and SFC (Securities & Futures Commission). You can also ask for related regulatory documents from CCIC management team. The CCIC management team has the rights to investigate any possible violations during the tournament and sanctions might be imposed to the related persons.

  • The Judging Committee of CCIC is formed by the judges of GIC, who also have investment experience in the greater China area. Please check the GIC website for more details.

  • Registration is free. CCIC is covered by the terms and conditions of GIC.

  • Eligible contestants must be at least 18 year old when CCIC starts; a citizenship of China, including Hong Kong and Macau, attend relevant events in person and willing to accept the supervision of the CCIC management team.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please email to ccic@gicwin.com

The CICC management team reserves all the rights for the terms explanations. The rules and terms are subject to changes without noticing.